Safely Harnessing Novel Targets of the Innate Immune System
for Enhanced Anti-Tumor Effects

The inaugural Innate Immune Stimulating Therapies Summit has arrived with a dedicated focus on achieving safe and effective clinical and commercial translation of STING and TLR therapies.

Join the leaders in the field, from key biotech, large pharma, and academia, to discuss how to optimize the administration of innate immune stimulating therapies from IT delivery through to antibody conjugated approaches.

If you are looking to make long lasting connections with industry leaders and take part in discussions about the lessons learned on the journey to translating safe and effective innate immune stimulating therapies for patients in need, then this is the meeting for you.

Online registration is now closed. Register your interest for next year's meeting.

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"Great list of speakers, nice variety of activities. Perfect size to meet everyone and feel comfortable engaging others."


"I was impressed by many of the speakers and learnt a significant amount, which I was able to bring back to our discovery team."


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