Kimberly Schluns

Kimberly Schluns

Company: University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Job title: Associate Professor


Dr Schluns completed her PhD in Cell Biology from Loyola University Chicago in 1998 where she studied cytokine regulation by human thymic epithelial cells.  She then obtained postdoctoral training in the laboratory of Leo Lefrancois, Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut Health Science Center conducting research elucidating the crucial roles of IL-7 and IL-15 in T cell homeostasis and memory CD8 T cell differentiation. In 2004, she accepted a faculty position in the department of Immunology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her research focuses on immune mechanisms driving anti-tumor responses and has established that STING-mediated anti-tumor responses are driven by IL-15 upregulation and its ability to stimulate local CD8 T cell and NK cell responses. 


Live Q&A 10:20 am

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day: Online Conference

Understanding how Innate Immune Stimulation in Immuno-Oncology Enhances Anti-Tumour Immunity 9:00 am

•The Type I IFN/IL-15 pathway is a critical pathway bridging the innate and adaptive immune responses, promoting anti-tumor responses • Understanding how the differential ability to express innate immune factors between tumor subtypes in rodents and humans impacts the ability to mediate anti-tumor responsesRead more

day: Online Conference

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